The Comics Pals

The show that started it all. Every Monday comic book comentators and friends Sean, Pete, Cale, Marco, and Phil get together to talk comics on their own terms. The Comics Pals offers a fun and in-depth look at the comic book industry, the medium's history and current events. 


The Video Game Pals

Every Tuesday lifelong gamers Pete, Andy, Thompson, Sean and Peggy get together to discuss video game news and culture. The Video Game Pals offers a fun and in-depth look at the video game industry and current events. 


The Riverdale Review

Every Wednesday Pete, Cale, Marco and a special guest meet at their favorite booth at Pop's to discuss "the show of our time," Riverdale.


Pals Play

Pals Play is The Pals Network's daily let's play show, where every weekday Pete and Thompson play a number of games for your (and their own) amusement. 


Behind the Books

Behind the Books is the Pals Network's first YouTube Exclusive show where we dive into the history behind some of the industry's greatest characters, creators, and storylines.



One-offs & Review Specials

Every once in a while, when the mood strikes, the Pals will review a movie, talk about TV or make some
other content that doesn't fit the main shows. Those episodes live here!