The Pals


Sean Bartley

Sean Bartley is the host of The Comics Pals, co-host of The Video Game Pals, and is basically the Cyclops of The Pals Network. He has strong opinions about Jean Grey, World of Warcraft and the state of Wrestling.

When Sean isn't co-hosting with the Pals, he can be harassed on Twitter.


Pete Imbesi

Pete Imbesi, is a perpetually indoorsy content creator, with a soft-spot for video games, comics, music, and television. He is the host of both The Video Game Pals and The Riverdale Review and the co-host of The Comics Pals and Pals Play.

Talk to him about Robert Kirkman's Invincible, Ska music or Horizon Zero Dawn and you'll have a pal for life. When he isn't talking about art with his Pals Pete can be found freelancing for, making music and getting excited on Twitter.


Cale Ward

Cale Ward is a comics writer and podcaster. He studied comics at the University of Dundee under Doctor Chris Murray for his Masters degree. If you asked whether he's a master of comics, he'd tell you that he's definitely not Booster Gold, and what's a master anyway?

Cale and his classmates decided to put together a small comics collective called Panels Publishing to help novice creators get into the business. He's created two issues of a monster mythology anthology series called From the Deep with his friend and artist Letty Wilson and he thinks that's pretty rad. Find him co-hosting both The Comics Pals and The Riverdale Review, and follow him on Twitter!


Marco Cunalata

Marco Cunalata is a part-time guitarist, part-time comics reader/art collector always looking to create fun times and cool stuff.

Be sure to talk to him about Swamp Thing and anything horror (except horror movies, those scare him)! Find him co-hosting The Comics Pals and The Riverdale Review, and follow his misadventures on Twitter! Read his comic Laura & Chanelle!


Phil Casey

Phil is a strong boy with a good comic brain and more vestigial organs than the average human. He is not deliberately contrarian but frequently disagrees with the other Pals. His thumbs are fully posable, and his shining star press has been given five stars by various wrestling publications.

His feelings on Superman are well documented, and he lovesthe work of Frank Miller, Geoff Johns, Keith Giffen, Mark Waid and Grant Morrison. He loves long walks on the beach, and has a golden heart with a rebel fist. He’ll always wave the banner of the Pals, for the Pals, and by the pals. You can read his writing on and follow him on Twitter!

Andy Brown

Andy "Middle Name TBD" Brown is the second most curmudgeonly of the Pals, save for Cale. He loves obscure board games, JRPGs and his cat Steven.

When he isn't antagonizing Pete on The Video Game Pals, Andy can be found playing saxophone, attending law school and teaching the gospel of Steven Universe. Follow him on Twitter!

Robert Thompson

Robert Thompson is the Pal's edgelord with a heart of gold. Thanks to his crippling insomnia, Thompson is master of many games and magic spells.

When he isn't working co-hosting The Video Game Pals, Thompson can be found studying Warhammer lore, being a top tier cat daddy, and fighting He Man.  Follow him on Twitter!